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Let's talk fluffs!

Our shower fluffs are our best selling product, they became an instant hit when we released our first 8 fragrances back in 2019 and we've been expanding our collection ever since!
A lot of people do ask, what exactly is a shower fluff, and how does it get used? So here's some more info about these beauties!

A shower fluff is a whipped soap, also known as bath whip and souffle. The soap itself has a low ph, and mild ingredients. It's whipped up to a meringue-like texture, and additional skin loving oils are added such as apricot kernel oil, or cocoa butter. Fragrances and colours are also added to make this product not only delightful for your skin, but for your eyes and nose too! Finally it is piped by hand into recyclable pots.
To use your shower fluff, scoop a small amount out of the pot, and use as you would a normal body wash. I find a shower poof works best to get it lovely and foamy!

I hope this brief explanation has helped, but please let me know if you have any more questions!

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